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Expand Your Business to the Toronto Region

Toronto, which is the fourth largest city in North America, is the centre of a region of up to 10 million people.  There are excellent opportunities in the region for companies with competitive products and solutions in financial services, health sciences and medical technology, digital media, transportation and logistics, food and beverage, manufacturing and food and beverage sectors. 


Your Resource for Expansion

Mike Stewart, MOMENTUM's Principal has helped foreign companies take advantage of business opportunities  in Ontario and the Toronto region for most of the past decade. He is well connected to the incredible innovation ecosystem  in the Toronto and Waterloo regions and is working with a number of individuals across a wide spectrum of the economy. MOMENTUM is well-placed to help you discover the clients, partners, and acquisition targets that will allow you to expand to Canada in a manner that will minimize your risk.


Helping Canadian Companies and Governments to Develop and Implement International Strategies

MOMENTUM partners have extensive experience working with Canadian companies to help them enter foreign markets. In addition, MOMENTUM is well-placed to work with governments and government agencies to develop international strategies that are integrated with their economic development organisations.

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MOMENTUM was established to undertake business development work for foreign companies that government agencies are not able to: market research, development of lists of potential clients, distributors, partners, and acquisition targets. We will work with you to develop short-lists and assist you in reaching out to the most promising ones to close deals.  

MOMENTUM is also well-positioned to work with government agencies to provide visitation and B2B programs in Ontario and to assist governments and other organisations in developing and implementing international business strategies.

Who We Are

MOMENTUM was started by Mike Stewart who has extensive global business development experience  both in the private and public sectors. Most recently Mike was with Toronto Global the government-funded agency focused on attracting new companies to the Toronto region. Prior to that he represented the Province of Ontario in Canadian diplomatic posts in the UK and New York City where he had responsibility for working with foreign companies to do business in Ontario and assisting Ontario companies to expand abroad.  Mike has also held senior policy roles in government and undertook international partnership activities for a multinational telecom firm.

MOMENTUM is able to draw on resources from across the region to assure you of the highest level of service.

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